Our Story

Asian Women for Health (AWFH) is a peer-led, community-based network dedicated to advancing Asian women’s health and wellness through education, advocacy, and support.

We envision a world where Asian women are well-informed, have access to care that is culturally appropriate and high quality, and inspired to live happy, healthy lives.

Watch this video to learn more about AWFH:

Our Vision:

We envision a world where Asian women are well-informed, have access to culturally appropriate, quality care, and are inspired to live happy, healthy lives.

Our Approach:

EDUCATE: Education is the key to good health. We will provide culturally and linguistically appropriate information and training to dispel myths, increase health literacy, and improve health communication.

ADVOCATE: Advocacy is crucial in promoting health equity. We will work on policy at all levels to push for disaggregated data, and support equitable funding for impacted populations.

RECIPROCATE: Reciprocation is essential for growth. We will foster a nurturing environment for collaboration, connection, and capacity-building.

Our Strategies:

• Conduct community forums to engage stakeholders and use their input for program development.
• Collaborate with academic and community partners to collect and share data to inform policy makers.
• Engage and mobilize communities to establish a coalition to address important and emerging health issues in the Asian community.

Our Commitment:

• To develop a pipeline of Asian female leaders as peer health educators, advocates, and community researchers.
• To connect community members, service providers, and policy makers.
• To catalyze change and promote health equity.
• To honor our cultural heritages and nurture each other by lifting spirits, inspiring leadership, and sharing stories.